The Election ( Is the sky really falling?)

posted by Craig, November 21st, 2012

In light of the extreme passion I witnessed on blogs and my Facebook account prior to the recent election, I am somewhat hesitant to even broach this subject.  I decided to dive in because I am really troubled by the reaction of many in the Christian community to the results of the election.

Let me say to start, that in my core beliefs I would not be a supporter of the President. The morning after the election, I was confused and a little despondent.  In my way of thinking before the election, it seemed to me that  the Republicans could have run Mickey Mouse and won the election. So much for my way of thinking.

I know enough by now to know that both of those feelings are not in line with what my faith is about.  I have been through too much to ever be able to doubt God.

I believe that the major reason I felt confused and despondent was that my thinking prior to the election was shaped mostly by what I had heard others say.  I heard things like; “this is the most important election in our lifetime” and “if Obama gets reelected it is the end of our country’s economy”,  and much more doom and gloom.

The fact that my thinking had been influenced by what other people had been saying and not by what God wanted me to think about it was the problem. Sadly, in my opinion, the vast majority of those who consider themselves Christian are the same way.  We don’t get God’s thoughts we just think the way someone has told us to think.

So the morning after the election I decided to ask God how I should think about the results. DUH!!  Here is what came to my mind.  Don’t walk as the Gentiles walk in the futility of their thinking. (Eph. 4:17)

Sadly, since the election I have heard numerous teachers and others in the family of God taking the stand that it is all over for America. The results of the election have doomed us. Many have said this is a Romans 1 moment.

Could they be right? Maybe. Is that the way God sees it? I don’t think they really know. Is that a faith point of view? NO!

I have an idea. How about getting God’s thoughts on the issue.

I really like a lot what Andrew Wommack has said about this.  As those who are Born Again we should not be complaining about the mountain, but instead telling the mountain where to go.

Now that would be operating on faith.


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You Deserve A Break Today

posted by Craig, August 31st, 2012

Recently I was having a conversation with someone that had just survived a serious medical situation that had almost cost them their life. They had struggled with this condition most of their life and finally it reached critical mass and almost killed them. With all the faith they could muster they were trying to believe God for a miraculous healing. They had jumped through all the hoops they were told that they needed to in order to be healed, yet in the end it was the doctor who was able to provide the remedy. At the conclusion of the conversation they made this statement, “Christianity is hard”.

My initial reaction to that statement was one of agreement because for the most part I have found Christianity hard. After some thought I came to realize that Christianity isn’t supposed to be hard.  Life is hard, faith is supposed to make our life easier.
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I believe unfortunately, that for most Christians their experience with faith does not make life easier. If they attend church on a regular basis or listen to TV teachers the basic message will be in essence, that whatever you are doing you are not doing enough.

It is my contention that was never the way God intended it to be. We have just let years of religious traditions and man made doctrines add multiple levels of responsibility upon the lives of people who really have enough to deal with already.

God brought this travesty to my attention almost 25 years ago, I just did not realize at the time what He was trying to get me to see.

When I was first Born Again I attended a fellowship in a small rural town. I know now, looking back 25 years, that it was essentially the same type of experience anyone will find in a “church” with an Evangelical/Pentecostal influence. They had established their own doctrines based on the evangelical/Pentecostal traditions. While they had different rules and traditions from the religious experience that I grew up in, they still had them.

On a regular basis a different person  would be brought up on the stage to be given applause for the great work they were doing for the Lord. The implicit message in this is that true service to God is embodied in this type of ministry. The rest of us were just not measuring up. Actually if you get to the bottom of it all, the implicit message in the Evangelical/Pentecostal world is that if your life is truly going to matter there are certain things you must be doing.

While I was attending  this “church” I started my own painting business. Some the the people in the fellowship hired me to do painting jobs for them. One of the jobs I had was for a family that had four young children. The mother was a truly fabulous, intelligent, attractive woman who could have easily forsaken the traditional role of motherhood and pursued any number of career opportunities.  Yet she chose to be a stay at home mom.

On numerous occasions, while I was completing my work,  I would see her reading the Bible to her children and just being a great Mom. If you know anything about motherhood and what it takes to raise 4 small children you know that by itself this is a full time, all consuming task. It got me to thinking. At the end of time, at the judgement seat of Christ, is He going to say to this woman “well I know you raised those four children and were a great wife to your husband but I’m not sure you have really done enough”.  “Have you led anyone to the Lord”?  “Did you attend church regularly”? “Did you read your Bible everyday”?

You see, this woman in the simplicity of her devotion to her children and her husband will never be a person who is recognized on a platform on a Sunday morning, because in the religious world true service to God has been identified and labeled differently.

My point? Live your life. Relax, Quit feeling like you have to jump through all of the hoops the religion has put in front of you. God has already done all that is necessary to fulfill your commitment to Him. That is what Jesus was all about.

“If He did not spare His own Son will He not then with Him freely give us all things” Rom. 8:32


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Learn to Forgive Yourself

posted by Craig, June 3rd, 2012

In my opinion, the great majority of Christians live under such a sense of condemnation that they are unable to truly see the great gift that had been given to them by God when they were Born Again.

I came across this video message recently. While there may be parts that are foreign to some believers I feel that the message will truly be a blessing to everyone.


Ezekiel Thomas Cabell

posted by Craig, April 22nd, 2012

My 5th grandchild was born on April 17th at 12:05P.M. He is great and very healthy and if I may say so a beautiful baby. While his birth went well his Mom had a little tougher go of it. Since this was her fifth birth by C-section she ran into some complications.

I am happy to report, now only 4 days later, she is doing great and as some of the doctors said she made a miraculous recovery. We all are thanking God and are very grateful.

Below is a video I took at the hospital just minutes after Ezekiel was born.